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Our Projects


We are incredibly passionate about educating youth about keeping their hearing safe and preventing noise-induced hearing loss. We run the Dangerous Decibels programme in schools across the region, which teaches children about making listening safe in a fun and engaging way. Through years we have delivered a New Zealand Sign Language in Schools programme. We hope to deliver there again in the future. 
We are also available to give hearing loss prevention talks to businesses or community groups.

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Many of our projects are around offering support and advice to those with hearing loss. This includes cleaning of hearing aids. We have fieldworkers who visit 16 Resthomes in the Nelson/Tasman region. We have an annual membership programme and produce a quarterly newsletter that is full of interesting news and advice for the hard of hearing.

Hearing Aid


We offer hearing aid cleaning and moisture removal services plus sales of batteries, cleaning and drying products and earplugs. We can offer advice and sales of assisted devices such as personal amplifiers, specialist telephones  and can even give you a home trial before you purchase.

Hearing Aid
Our Projects: Membership
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